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What makes for the perfect modern jive dance night, where can you find one and what’s the problem?


Ask a dozen people what makes a perfect dance night, and you’ll probably get a dozen answers.  A smart, clean venue, good dance floor, the right mix of music, friendly people on the door, somewhere to sit when you’re not dancing… the list is endless.

Indeed you might be a bit surprised to find that some people will name as one of their top priorities “well lit clean toilets” while others can include such oddments as “free tap water which you don’t have to queue for!”

The fact is we’ve all got our own “must have’s”.  And yet even so, there is one factor that comes out on top every time.  One factor that everyone mentions.

Good dancers.

Of course you might come with your partner who you want to dance with all night, and that’s fair enough.  But most people do like to dance with a range of partners.  If that’s you, you will be looking for men and women who ask for dances, who really know how to dance, and are happy to dance with you, no matter what your dance ability or experience.

And that is what Ceroc Heaven works on.  We provide venues that meet all the requirements so that you feel good about being there.   And as a result we get the dancers who are there to have fun, and share their dancing. 

But now that has given us a problem.  The word has spread……….

The problem is we are getting too many people at some of our dances.  Last year we had to make all dances at Radcliffe, ticket only.  Last Friday at our Kelham Hall Christmas Ball we sold a huge amount of tickets in the last 24 hours meaning we sold out last minute, which means some people were disappointed at being unable to get in. When an event sells out that late in the day its almost impossible to make sure we let everyone know and although we had extensively posted on social media there were still some people who didn’t know and travelled to the venue.

Personally, we hate disappointing people, but we also don’t want a dance floor where there are so many people you simply can’t move.  So the solution is “buy your ticket in advance”.

The upside is you get a little discount, and you know that the venue is not going to be overcrowded, and there is going to be a great range of quality dancers all of whom are ready and willing to dance with you. We don’t think we need to make all of our freestyles ticket only as we are lucky enough to have quite big venues but we’ll keep an eye on things.

If you were one of the people who was disappointed at not getting a ticket at Kelham on 23 December, we are really sorry.  But the upside is, if you buy a ticket for our next event, you know you are going to have an evening that is so good, you’ll be talking about it with your friends for weeks to come. Our next freestyle is Grange Hall on the 7th January which you’ll definitely need a ticket for! You can buy tickets for all of our events online at or at any of our class nights or freestyles, or call Kali on 07469890189



New Year's Eve Ball - Friesland School Sandiacre 

The venue is Friesland School Sandiacre, which is about 1 mile from Junction 25 of the M1.

It will be a two room event, starting at 8pm ending at 1am.

We are holding a charity raffle with the proceeds being split between The Fire Fighters Charity ( and Friesland School's fund for maintenance to the sports field.

There will be a buffet and a free juice bar. We don't have an alcoholic bar, so you will be able to bring your own favourite tipple at supermarket prices

There are still some tickets left at £20 per person.

Full details are be available HERE, on Facebook and at venues.

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