Ceroc Classes and Venues

It's so easy to join a Ceroc Class, all you need to do is turn up.  You don't need to pre-book or even come with a partner!  Our venues are listed below, just then pick a venue close to you on one of our Regular nights and arrive at around 7:30pm. You'll get a simple membership form that will take you a couple of minutes then it's into the class at 7:45pm.

All the venues that we use are listed on the left.

Click on 'Venue Type' to select Regular Night (Class night), Freestyle or Workshop venue.  Click on 'Venue Days' to see which night of the week each venue has classes.


We run six Ceroc classes every week in: 

Nottingham Grange Hall - Monday

*NEW* Sheffield Tapton Hall - Tuesday - Opening 7th March - For Details Click Here

Lincoln Hospital Club - Wednesday

Nottingham Friesland School - Wednesday

Doncaster The Bentley Pavilion - Thursday

Nottingham West Bridgford- Thursday